Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine aimed at helping patients maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities. Physical therapy or physiotherapy (sometimes abbreviated to PT) is a healthcare profession primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention.

Santosh College of physiotherapy is one of the top-ranking College providing excellent education as well as training in the field of physiotherapy. It was established in 1996 with the aim to provide best quality care treatment and excellent education in the field of physiotherapy. Teaching at the institution is problem-based and our highly qualified and clinically oriented staff uses a variety of contemporary pedagogic strategies that include a judicious knowledge of laboratory instructional facility. Apart from adopting innovative teaching methods, it has also developed an innovative curriculum. It uses a blend of classroom, practical and community engagement to promote holistic learning.

According to WHO-"Physiotherapists assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments. They apply a broad range of physical therapies and techniques such as movement, ultrasound, heating, laser and other techniques. They may develop and implement programs for screening and prevention of common physical ailments and disorders.“


Well Furnished Classrooms: The college have spacious classrooms. The desks are well spaced out and halls are well ventilated .Each hall also has the latest audiovisual teaching aids. All other aspects pertaining to Physiotherapy learning have taken into account in the planning and making of their seminar hall.

College has well equipped exercise therapy and biomechanics lab. Well furnished peadeiatric and neurology unit and cardio-respiratory unit with all equipments for student knowledge. It train efficient professionals in the art of relieving human pain and suffering, using the evidence based practice in the field of physiotherapy, latest skill and instruments coming from the most advanced centers of quality production.

The department provides a very cost effective treatment to the patients suffering from various ailments.

Santosh College of physiotherapy is affiliated to CCS University Meerut and is approved by IAP (Indian Association of Physiotherapist). The institute is now considered as the best medical university in India 25 years after its inception.

Courses offered-

  • BPT – 4.5 Year
  • MPT in Ortho and Sports- 2 year



Provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching , learning and the assessment of educational outcomes through modern technology and research. The team at physiotherapy college aims to give the best quality physio care within the happy environment. We at Santosh are the team of creative, excellent, innovative, exemplary healthcare professionals who have the passion for their work, inspiration for their patients and students, excellent performance as physios here  care for their patients from every age, stage and walk of life. Our vision is to try to fulfill the following values-

  • Empathy – the foundation of compassionate healthcare professionals
  •  Quality – the foundation of evidence-based, whole-patient treatment
  •  Integrity – the foundation of trust and authenticity
  •  Performance – the foundation of healthy patients
  •  Innovation – the foundation of outstanding personal and diseases related results. Also for research.
  •  Commitment – the foundation of engagement and leadership

Our aim is to to be regarded as the most reliable and effective physical therapy practice in the society, driven by excellent results and a knowledgeable, creative, friendly and efficient staff.


Provide leadership and resources for the rectification of education and practice of physiotherapy.  The department of physiotherapy is committed to addressing the health needs of society through excellence in education, service and professional practice. A great institution is a scene of constant combustion, where energies of intelligence and creativity are released in a bonfire of innovation and evolution. Our mission is to ensure a value based culture that will drive the much needed change towards creating the results and delivering the excellent treatment to the patients practicing the standards within the reach of every individual. Our mission is to advance the health and well-being of the clients and patients visiting to the department, through evidence based practice and research about advanced researches and the preparation of highly competent physical therapists prepared for general practice.


  1. To provide students with an allied health profession that assists patients to maintain their physical strength.
  2. To acquire requisite knowledge of the basic medical subjective in the field of physiotherapy.
  3. To prepare leading  physiotherapist to meet the health care of the society.
  4. To set high standard of comprehensive professional education by developing the intellectual strength of students.
  5. To train general and specialized physiotherapy professional
  6. To meet regional, national, and global physiotherapy skilled manpower and service needs
  7. To induce technology relevant into physiotherapy education, service and research
  8. Promote excellent physiotherapy education and service research system for community development.

Meet our team of highly experienced and expert faculty members with several years of experience in teaching undergraduate and post graduate students. They have ability to develop strong relations between themselves and the student.

  1. Dr. Deepak Raghav                             

Designation:  Professor/ Principal

  • Pursuing Ph.D.
  • Have completed Masters Of Physiotherapy (MPT) in Musculoskeletal.
  • Have completed Diploma in Osteopath from Ontario.
  • Diploma in Orthopaedic medicine from Beligium.
  • Certified Chiropractioner and certified in many courses including Kinesiotaping, Cupping, Dry needling, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and many more.
  • Having experience of more than 14 years.
  • Expertise in Manual therapy and has successfully treated many patients of various musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory and sports related conditions.
  • He is the member of Indian Association of physiotherapist.
  • He is the editorial member and peer reviewer for many national and international journals.
  • External examiner of 18 universities for UG and PG, Also he is the guide of several Phd and masters students.
  • Receipient of physio legend and many excellence awards. He has been chairperson and judge in various national and international conferences. Resource person of many special manual therapy techniques.


         2.  Dr. Monika Sharma                                                   

            Designation: Associate Professor      

  • Have completed Master’s of Physiotherapy(MPT) in neurology.
  • With more than 11 years of Experience she is expertise in treating neurological and geatric cases.
  • Member of Indian Association of physiotherapist.
  • Certified as NDT and PNF therapist.
  • She has published many papers in national and international journals. Also presented paper and posters in various conferences and won awards for the same. 
  • Has successfully treated several Cerebral palsy patients and other neurological conditions.


        3. Dr. Tanvi Agarwal        

Designation: Assistant Professor                     

  • Pursuing Ph.D.
  • Have completed Master’s of Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal (Gold Medalist).
  • Fellowship in Orthopaedic and Sports medicine from London Academy of science and health.
  • Certified in manual Therapy, cupping, dry needling and many more.
  • Having experience of almost 8 years in clinical as well as acamedician.
  •  In her career, she has represented various papers and posters in several national and international conferences and had received various awards for the same.
  • Has successfully treated many musculoskeletal disorders, work related ergonomics, fracture and pivot cases.


      4.Dr. Sharmila Choudhary     

Designation: Assistant Professor

  • Pursuing Ph.D.
  • Have completed Master’s of Physiotherapy in Sports.
  • Certified in manual Therapy.
  • She is expertise in treating sports related injuries, on field and off field sports assessment.





Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy:

 Santosh College of physiotherapy is well known center for Musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation. Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists offers high quality services at affordable costs. Some of the common musculoskeletal conditions that require physiotherapy are Frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, low back pain, Arthritis, tennis elbow etc. ... These programs are developed through an objective assessment process and a specific physiotherapy diagnosis.



Pediatric and adult neuro-rehabilitation center:

Santosh is reputed center for the treatment of the patients suffering from neurological conditions. It involves PNF techniques, mobilization, Neuro development techniques, bobath technique, stretching, specific therapeutic exercises and other neurological techniques. Specific neurological procedures and exercises which aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury, and to minimize any functional alterations resulting from it.


Women’s Physiotherapy Clinic:

Women's Health Physiotherapy is the therapeutic treatment of all disorders affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor. From incontinence to prolapse, pelvic pain or constipation, there is growing evidence that physiotherapy can alleviate, and in many cases cure these symptoms. Santosh provides a secure environment for the recovery of women patient.


Vestibular rehabilitation


Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based program, designed by a specialty-trained vestibular physical therapist, to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness. At Santosh college of physiotherapy our team of qualified physiotherapists along with the Medical team of ENT specialists, Orthopaedicians and physicians will provide a complete rehabilitation.

After a detailed, comprehensive, objective assessment a customized exercise program will be outlined, which would include advice on ergonomics.

ICU CARE- Despite recent progress in medical treatment and mechanical ventilation (MV), critical illness in the intensive care unit (ICU) is still associated with high mortality rates. Furthermore, ICU survivors may suffer from muscle weakness, physical disability, and cognitive problems. These critically ill patients may show muscle wasting in the very first week of illness, with more severity in patients with multi organ failure compared with those with a single organ failure.

Physiotherapy has been recommended by scientific societies as a main component in the management of patients with critical illness. Proposed strategies include patient mobilization based on a progressive sequence of activities like decubitus change and functional positioning; passive, supported-active, and active mobilization; cycling and sitting in the bed; and standing, static walking, transferring from bed to chair, and walking. Early physiotherapy is aimed at improving a patient’s quality of life and preventing ICU-associated complications like deconditioning, ventilator dependency, and respiratory conditions. 


Rooms and Laboratories:

There are separate laboratories for U.G and P.G classes available. We have well equipped labs with highly automotive equipments in physiotherapy & rehabilitation fields.

1. KOPAL PAJNEE- Kopal is working as head of department in Jan kalyan health care hospital, karol bagh ,delhi. he is gold medalist and has passion about his work. During his studies he used to participate at upfront in various activities. Earlier he has worked as assistant professor in Santosh college of physiotherapy.  


2. DEEPTI GARNAWAT- Presently, she is working as senior physiotherapist in RML hospital, Delhi which is one of the best central government hospital.  She was one of the bright and excellent students in her batch.


3.HUMAIRA- she is deputed as assistant professor in one of the reputed universities in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has pursued her masters in physiotherapy (musculoskeletal) from our college and was among best students.  


4.MEENAKSHI VERMA- Presently, working as assistant professor in Sharda University.


5.ROHIT MEHTA – A young dynamic physiotherapist presently working as head of department at Max hospital, Shalimar bagh, Delhi.



Student and faculties of the physiotherapy department have participated in various national and international conferences and had won 1st and 2nd prizes.

Students have represented the college in various paper  and poster competitions in these conferences.