MSc Medical Biochemistry program at Santosh Medical College & hospital is a 3-year program consisting of classroom teaching, self-study, seminars, research project (dissertation) and practical demonstration classes.

  1. The program involves a foundation course of 1 year consisting of fundamentals of anatomy, physiology & biochemistry.
  2. The campus has first-rate facilities like laboratories, workshops and practice school for hands-on learning.
  3. The program study renders a balance between classroom study and projects conducted as applicable to the program.
  4. The students are instilled with the qualities to handle technical equipment, conduct study and draw statistical evidence.
  5. Students gain the ability to use their knowledge to strengthen their memory, stamina, patience and improve their analytical and evaluative skills.
  6. Biochemistry is a branch which is concerned about the science of the biological sciences. The study of biochemistry manages the substance blends and responses which occur in biological cycles, for example, development, digestion, immunity.

The students can venture into the areas of teaching, research and technology sectors. They have a wide arena of opportunity in the field of Forensic science,  Food companies, Biotechnology, and environment agencies. 

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates, who possess degree of BDS / BMLT / BOT / BPT / BMM / B. Pharma / BAMS / Bio-Tech / B.Sc. Degree with Physics, Chemistry, Botany or Zoology with 50% Aggregate marks as the main subjects, are eligible to apply for M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry.


Total Course Fees

Rs. 165600


Amount to be deposited at admission time

Rs. 44600 & 11 Post-dated cheques of Rs. 11000 for each quarter


Course Outline

Career Prospectives


  1. Medical instrument companies
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Food and drink industries
  4. Research companies and laboratories
  5. Chemical manufacturing companies
  6. Drug Manufacturing Companies
  7. Public health entities
  8. Cancer research institutes
  9. Research departments
  10. Educational institutes
  11. Environmental pollution control
  12. Agriculture and fisheries
  13. Forensic science
  14. Hospitals
  15. Health laboratories
  16. Cosmetic industries