MSc Medical Lab Technology is a paramedical course which deals with an introduction to patient care with proper diagnosis using clinical laboratory equipment to run the tests. It is a 2-year postgraduate program that includes fascinating subjects like molecular biology, human anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, hematology, etc.

During the course, the students are taught about various diseases, their diagnosis, treatment, and ways to prevent them. The students are trained to render emphasis on how to carry the clinical tests accurately that will help the physician to make a proper diagnosis.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Candidates who possess B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences/ Medical Laboratory Technology/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology.
  2. Equivalent qualifications from a Recognized Institution/ University.


Total Course Fees

Rs. 153600


Amount to be deposited at admission time

Rs. 41600 & 7 Post-dated cheques of Rs. 16000 for each quarter

Course Outline

Master in Medical Lab Technology (Pathology) M Sc. M.L.T.1 YEAR
1. Physiology & Nutrition
2. Biostatistics & Hospital Management
3. Clinical Hematology
4. Advance Instrumentation &Maintenance

1.Human Anatomy & Physiology
2.Clinical Biochemistry
3.Clinical Pathology
4.Clinical Microbiology


Master in Medical Lab Technology (Pathology) M Sc. M.L.T. 1st YEAR
1. Human Anatomy & Physiology
2. Clinical Biochemistry
3. Clinical Pathology
4. Clinical Microbiology


1.Physiology & Nutrition
2.Clinical Hematology
3.Advance instrumentation & Maintenance

Career Prospectives

The most common MSc Medical Lab Technology job profiles and career prospects after completing the course are as follows:

  1. Lab Technician
  2. Senior Biomedical Analyst
  3. Healthcare Administrator
  4. Health and Safety Officer