M.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology or Master of Science in Medical Imaging Technology is a postgraduate Medical Lab Technologist course. Medical imaging is a rapidly growing discipline within the healthcare sector, involving clinicians, physicists, computer scientists, and those in the IT sector. This is fuelled by the rapid development of 3D medical imaging systems over the last few decades, matched by an exponential rise in computing power.


Students will acquire a working knowledge of the clinical environment to influences their design philosophy. The M.Sc. Medical Imaging is aimed at training graduates for careers in this exciting multidisciplinary area and provides a judicious mix of theoretical and applied topics. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The Candidates should possess B.Sc. Degree in Radiology and Imaging Sciences/ B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology / Radiography / Bachelor of Medical Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Technology (BMRDIT).
  2. Equivalent qualifications from a Recognized Institution/ University.


Total Course Fees

Rs. 133600


Amount to be deposited at admission time

Rs. 42600 & 7 Post-dated cheques of Rs 13000 for each quarter

Course Outline

Career Prospectives

M.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology Job Types

  1. Consultant Medical Research Specialist
  2. Dialysis Technician & Therapist
  3. Lecturer & Professor
  4. Medical Imaging Technologist
  5. Medical Physicist
  6. MRI Technologist
  7. Radiographer