Eligibility Criteria

BOT 50% from Recognized University

Course Outline


- Research Methodology and Statistics
- Application Of Occupational Therapy Theory, Assistive/Rehabilitation Technology And Environment Adaptations
-  Professional Development
- Practice Environments For Physical Dysfunction
- Practice Environments in Mental Health 100 Hours
- Practice Environments For physical Dysfunctions And  in Mental Health


- Bio-Mechanics
- Occupational Therapy In Neurology
- Occupational Therapy In Neurology-II
- Professional Development & Bio-Mechanics In Neuro Conditions
- Occupational Therapy In Neurology
- Clinical Practice  (including Dissertation)

Career Prospectives

Successful postgraduates of the course are hired in capacities such as Occupational Therapist, Research Assistant, Academician, Supervisor etc., in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, primary care, community health centres, early intervention centres, education establishments, government agencies, mental health services etc.