Microbiology is the most important medical discipline of biology that helps to detect disease-causing organism like microbes, pathogen or various kind of viruses that are responsible for causing disease in human and animal. The field aims to find research on such microbes for use in industrial, agriculture, genital engineering, modern medicine, food, and beverage and fermentation industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Course Outline

First year

  1. Human anatomy & physiology
  2. General pathology & general microbiology
  3. Basic of biochemistry, laboratory instrument & reagents
  4. Quality control and biostatistics

Second year

  1. Haematology, immunology & blood transfusion
  2. Systematic bacteriology
  3. Parasitology
  4. Clinical biochemistry

 Third year

  1. Mycology & virology
  2. Applied microbiology
  3. Automation in medical microbiology 

Career Prospectives

Important of medical for human welfare and planet earth. Microbiology is the study of microorganism (bacteria, protozoal parasites, viruses and fungi), and these of microbes are present everywhere in the environment. These microbes are not visible with naked eyes are not visible under a microscope are not visible with the naked eyes and are only visible under a microscope.