This course builds on your academic skills whilst helping you to develop the clinical competence to practice as a newly graduated occupational therapist. You explore the profession across the breadth of occupational therapy practice, experiencing several clinical and practice settings including a non-traditional context. Besides intervention strategies, you will gain experience in applying sound clinical reasoning and learn something of the professional role within the multidisciplinary and multi-agency practice.

The college is committed to the development of quality courses and to the enhancement of the student experience. This course, for practicing occupational therapists, aims to develop your knowledge and essential skills to help you progress in your career; we will encourage you to utilize evaluative, critical thinking skills to explore your profession, enabling you to make a meaningful contribution to the improvement of patient care.

As you are in an institution where the hospital is attached to the college. This will give a better opportunity to interact with the faculties, have good clinical exposure and one to one case discussions with the faculties. The high frequency of Patient input both in the Inpatient department as well as outpatient department helps in ensuring that students of MOT Orthopedics will get maximum exposure and have an hands on experience of clinical cases in the supervision of highly qualified faculties and professionals.

The course also includes micro level teaching through pedagogical approach which means which whileattending the course student will get an opportunity to take classes and lecture of graduate students. The faculty will help the student to understand the core concept of teaching. The student will get to know about how plan a lecture, how to systematically arrange the study material how to make lesson plans, and how to deliver lectures.

Students also get chance to conduct workshops and CMEs with the help of faculties. As there were regular CMEs keeps on happening in he institutes student gets good experiences of various practices. You will develop the knowledge required to approach your practice innovatively, apply research and evidence to shape current and future practice in your home country and beyond. This is a flexible course that allows you to tailor your own professional development to suit your needs, through a range of occupational therapy and interprofessional modules such as developing your skills in patient safety or transforming care systems and services through leadership. Your learning will be supported by experienced researchers and academics who are experts in their field.  Be part of something life-changing and take on a new challenge today. The involvement of research-active and clinical staff in course design and delivery. Making sure you are learning the most relevant and up-to-date skills in all areas in which you want to specialize. 

Moreover, you get an opportunity to understand evidence-based practice in the field of orthoepic Rehabilitation. New undiscovered prospectives of research in the area of orthopaedical rehabilitation will be explored by you with our highly experienced faculty. You will get to know about the key concept of research and why research is necessary in occupational therapy.



Eligibility Criteria

The Candidate who passess BOT with 50% aggregate Marks from a Recognized University


Course Duration:  2 Years(4 Semester)


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Program Outline


- Research Methodology and Statistics
- Application Of Occupational Therapy Theory, Assistive/Rehabilitation Technology, And Environment Adaptations
- Professional Development
- Practice Environments For Physical Dysfunction
- Practice Environments in Mental Health 100 Hours
- Practice Environments For physical Dysfunctions And Mental Health



- Bio-Mechanics
- Occupational Therapy In Orthopaedics-I
- Occupational Therapy In Orthopaedics-II
- Professional Development & Bio-Mechanics In Orthopaedics Conditions
- Occupational Therapy In Orthopedics
- Clinical Practice (including Dissertation)

Career Prospectives

Successful postgraduates of the course are hired in capacities such as Occupational Therapist, Research
Assistant, Academician, Supervisor etc., in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, primary care, community
health centres, early intervention centres, education establishments, government agencies, mental health
services etc.
Furthermore, for students with dreams of settling abroad, a master’s is a necessary qualification requirement.
So, Students with a Master’s in Occupational therapy with (Orthopaedics) as a specialization can work
and get their license for the countries like Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia,
Newzealand, United Arab Emirates etc.