Patient Management Training

The Department of clinical psychology organised a Group counselling and Patient Management Training session on the topic of “Counselling session on Mental Health Profile and Self-management” on 20nd May 2023.

The group counselling session was conducted with the aim of providing participants with a better understanding of their Mental Health Profiles and equipping them with strategies for Self-Management. The session aimed to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences, learn from our Mental Health professionals and one another, and develop practical skills to improve their mental well-being. Many patients shared their experience how taking care of their mental health has made them feel better.

Professionals Involved:

1.Dr Rani Srivastava (Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Psychology, SDTU, Ghaziabad)

2.Dr Parul Gairola (Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SDTU, Ghaziabad)

3.Dr. Anoop Peter (Assistant professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, SDTU, Ghaziabad)

The session was attended by various patients and their care givers. After the session Parent’s feedbacks were taken. Overall, the session was successful in meeting its objectives and offering participants a foundation for insight into importance of mental health and developing personalized self-management plans. Continued support and follow-up sessions can further enhance the participants' progress in maintaining their Mental well-being.

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