Educational visit to Mother Dairy Milk Plant Parpatganj Delhi

Students from B.Sc Nursing I Semester had an educational visit to Mother Dairy Milk Plant Parpatganj Delhi on 06th December 2023. Prior permission was taken from milk plant and as per the instructions and guidelines provided by the milk plant the visit was planned with respective Class-Co-ordinator . Travel was provided by college for students. College bus started at 9:15 am from university Gate No 2 and students reached the plant at 10:15 am. Students were provided a warm welcome and video teaching was given by the plant faculty and they gave overview of the plant layout.Students were taught about milk processing and various products of mother dairy by Dhara and Safal. The journey was very enjoyable and learning for students . Feedback was collected in the end by the milk plant. Students were back to college at 12:00 noon.

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