A M.Sc physiology degree from Santosh Medical College Ghaziabad can provide you skills to work in science, academia or medicine. It helps you develop your critical thinking, analytical, communication and laboratory skills. M.Sc. Medical Physiology is wide comprehensive program in which students are trained Theoretically and practically for various job opportunities. After Graduating from M.Sc Medical Physiology one can join clinical laboratories, Medical colleges or universities, Government Hospitals as well as private hospitals, clinical research units, biotechnological companies, medicine industry. Santosh Institute of Allied Health Sciences is one of the best paramedical college in Ghaziabad. which gives you excellent education in the field of M.Sc. Medical Physiology.


Post Graduate programme in Medical MSC Physiology gives Opportunity for specialized study in the field of Physiology for MBBS & B.Sc. Graduates.

Candidates who successfully complete their M.Sc. (Medical) Physiology course may obtain jobs as Tutor/ Demonstrator, Assistant Professor in the department of Physiology in renowned Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges and Paramedical Colleges.

Or pursue higher studies like PhD in medical physiology or Fellowship programs etc.

Duration of the Program

Study period will be three years including thesis work

Eligibility for Admission to this Course

Candidates who have done MBBS, BDS, BMLT, BPT, BOT or B.Sc. degree from any of the recognized institutions.

Lab set up

  • Haematology Lab
  • Neurology Lab (NCV, EMG and Evoked Potentials etc.)
  • Cardiac Lab (ECG and BP, Heart Rate Variability etc.)
  • Respiratory Lab (Lung Function Tests)
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology Lab
  • Sleep Lab (Polysomnography)
  • Autonomic Function Tests lab
  • Yoga Lab


  • Microscope Focussing
  • Collection of Blood Sample
  • Hb estimation
  • RBC count
  • WBC count
  • Platlet count
  • Arneth count, Reticulocyte count, BT, CT AND Blood Grouping

Lung Function tests

Computerised Spirometery

Students can perform lung function tests in their own labs or collaborate with other established labs.

ECG and BP monitoring

Can be trained in BP and ECG recording to diagnose various heart diseases.

Exercise Physiology

Can perform Treadmill test  in persons associated with sports and in Cardiac Patients

Future JOB / Career Prospects

  • Good theory and practical knowledge about the subject, Physiology.
  • Employability as Tutor/Demonstrator, Assistant Professor in various
  • Medical, Dental and BPT institutes.
  • Employability as Jr. Scientist in Research.
  • Organizations Employability as teaching faculty
  • Skill in performing the special techniques in laboratory like ECG, NCV, PFT.
  • Core knowledge of Haematology, Clinical Physiology, Sports      
  • Physiology and Immunology.

Hands-on Experience(EMG-EP )

For diagnosing diseases like

Diabetes Mellitus, Neuropathies, Hearing disorders, Visual disorders

Tests Nerve Conduction study

BERA, VEP can be done