- Dr. Apoorva Nagar PT
(MPT Ortho)
Assist. Proff Santosh medical college

I still remember my first day as a physiotherapy student, excited that I was finally embarking on the journey that I had worked so hard for. As I entered a hall full of unfamiliar faces, I began to feel dread and excitement in equal measure. Anxiously waiting to find some friendly faces, I tried to blend in with a small group of students. Everyone was very warm and friendly, making me feel welcomed and putting my mind at ease.

After a full day packed with introductory lectures, my journey began. Buzzing with excitement and joy, the first thing I wanted to do was buy all of the textbooks on our reading list! I was eager to dive into anatomy and physiology textbooks and do all my pre-reading starting from day one.

During my clinical years I found my passion for orthopaedics and realised that this career route perfectly matched my personality. So, I joined MPT ORTHO just after completing BPT. I took every opportunity to attend conferences, careers talks and organise extra experience in this field. Santosh college of physiotherapy has been an integral part of all my professional qualification.

Why did i choose my specialty?

I chose orthopaedic physiotherapy for many reasons. For starters, I love the attention to detail required. In this field, it’s of utmost importance to consider every side of the story before making a decision or arriving at a conclusion. I also very much value the level of collaboration. I am also drawn to it because of the relationships formed with both the patient and his/her support system. I feel fortunate when I can help improve my patients’ health so that they can return to their community of friends and family as a healthier version of themselves. These are just a few of the multitude of reasons why I chose this specific path, and I am incredibly excited for the journey!

As another chapter of my life as a student comes to a close, and as I transition into the world of work, I would like to carry the following lessons with me:

1. Small and consistent efforts lead to big results:

The pressure mounted on me, as I struggled to keep up with my peers and constantly compared my progress to theirs. Everyone seemed to have it all together apart from me. However, with time, I realised that we were all in the same boat and we all made it thus far so we were all capable of achieving good results as long as we put in the regular and consistent effort.

2. Let go of perfectionism:

I was putting myself under a lot of pressure. By the end of my PG, I realised with time that it was impossible to know everything and I slowly accepted the fact that although it was interesting to learn about the ins and outs of every topic, I needed to prioritise my time and focus on topics I am more likely to be tested on. Therefore, I ensured that my knowledge on the most common topics and conditions was solidified.

3. It’s ok to make mistakes:

By the end of my Post graduation, I realised that the more mistakes I made, the more I learnt and the more I contributed, the more feedback I received, which all played to my advantage. I started viewing mistakes as steps towards success rather than barriers.

4. Take the journey one step at a time:

 All of this was overwhelming and I doubted myself. I learnt that with patience and perseverance I was able to take one step at a time and reach my goals.

5. Embrace your uniqueness:

I have met with so many students in university that come from different backgrounds and cultures and they all brought something unique to the table. Our individual experiences, skills and talents make us unique and special. I have learnt to embrace my individuality and use my unique set of skills to add value to every team I work in.

6. Know your limitations:

I have never had to worry about work-life balance before coming to the college. In high school I was able to achieve good results, join sports clubs and rest without worrying about my wellbeing. As a physio student I learnt a lot about how far I can stretch myself before reaching my breaking point. It was challenging at first, as I was a really keen and curious student. However, I realised that in order to look after my patients, I had to look after myself and maintain my own wellbeing.


Being a Physiotherapy student has been a difficult but incredibly rewarding journey. As I reminisce about the memories of the past 6.5(4.5+2) years, I would like to thank everyone for all their support in helping me get this far and I hope to continue to develop both as a medical professional and as a human :)

What I enjoyed the most about my alma mater?

  1. Realizing that I found my true calling in life.
  2. Making an amazing group of friends who I will stay in touch with for many years.
  3. Meeting great faculty that have mentored me over the last 6.5 years . I can never thank you enough Dr. (prof.) Deepak Raghav sir, Dr.Parul Rathore, Dr. Monika Sharma, Dr. Tanvi Aggarwal and Dr.kopalPajnee.
  4. Put simply: I met some incredible individuals, both as classmates and mentors/teachers. I have friendships that will last my lifetime and have shared in some remarkable experiences


Today I am working at my almamateras an Assistant Professor( MPT ORTHO) and want to inspire and educate more students like me who want to give back to society and serve mankind.

Santosh college of physiotherapy has given me not only the confidence to pursue my dreams but the skills and a professional environment that helped me in my journey. All my teachers were super friendly and cooperative, thus making the learning experience stress free.